Wind Mitigation Inspections. What is it? Do I need one? How much do they cost?

Wind Mitigation diagram showing wind mitigation items checked.

What is a Wind Mitigation Inspection?

The purpose of a Wind Mitigation inspection (also known as Windstorm Mitigation),  Is to document building attributes that will help the home stand up to strong winds.  If the home has some or all of these attributes, state law entitles you to certain premium reductions.

What is inspected during a Wind Mitigation inspection?

During windstorm mitigation inspections, a certified inspector reports on the key features that may decrease the damage your home suffers during a hurricane or strong windstorm.

  • The shape of the roof.Wind Mitigation Inspections
  • The age and type of roof coverings.
  • How the roof rafters are attached to the exterior walls.
  • How many stories is the building?
  • Nail type and nail spacing hold the roof decking to the rafters.
  • The type of underlayment which is installed between the roof decking and the roof shingles.

Do I need this Inspection?

You need a Wind  Mitigation inspection if you buy a home or change your homeowner’s insurance company.

Some insurance agents may not inform you of these discounts when preparing an insurance quote. Therefore, ensure that you ask your insurance agent about Wind Mitigation Inspections and windstorm discounts.

If you have not had a Wind mitigation Inspection, you are paying too much for your homeowner’s insurance.

How much does a Windstorm Inspection cost?

The cost of this  Inspection can vary from inspector to inspector.  The size and type of home can affect the price as well.  Here in Pinellas County, the cost is between $75.00 and 200.00 dollars.   See my pricing here.

When hiring an inspector, ensure they are experienced in Mitigation Inspections. Unfortunately, many inspectors are not experienced with these types of inspections. In fact,  some inspectors do not do them.  Without the needed experience, they can easily miss money-saving attributes.

I have completed 1000’s of Mitigation and 4-point Inspections. So let me put that experience to work for you ensuring you receive all of the insurance discounts you are entitled to.

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