What type of home inspection do I need?

The excitement of having worked so hard to purchase your dream house in Tampa, FL can be short lived as soon as you move into the house and realize that it has numerous defects. The sad part is that you could have avoided all this by carrying out a thorough home inspection. The investigation would have revealed the real condition of the property, as well as, whether the owner had carried out proper maintenance activities on it.

Since buying a home is a big investment decision, you need to hire a competent home inspector to help you review the property before you make the actual purchase. Nevertheless, be careful when shopping for an inspector since not everyone claiming to be a licensed home inspector in the bay area actually is. Besides, a person might be certified in one area and not in another.

So, what kind of home inspection should you carry out?


4 Different Home Inspections and Why you Might Need Them


General Home Inspection

When homeowners tell you that they have inspected the property in most cases what they are alluding to is the general inspection. All properties require routine maintenance; a general inspection will reveal if the previous owner had done so. It involves assessing the plumbing, electrical wiring, roof installations, structural features, as well as, the efficiency of the heating and cooling units. The purpose of the general inspection is to pinpoint the flaws that might exist in the property and identify what maintenance or repair action is needed to make the property ideal to be inhabited.


Pest inspections

The pest inspection report is an important document especially if you intend to get financing for your property. Most lenders will decline to fund your loan until you provide such a report. Besides helping you secure funding, the pest report also contributes to verifying whether or not your Tampa, FL property has any wood destroying insects (WDI) or wood-destroying organisms (WDO). The inspector will assess your attic, garage, and the house exterior in search of termites, carpenter beetles, powder post beetles, wood rot, and wood-decaying fungi. A regular pest inspection in Tampa takes approximately thirty to forty-five minutes, however, this can vary according to the size and shape of the property under evaluation.



 Chimney / Flue Inspections

Your chimney plays a vital role. For example, it makes the room look lush, warm, and cozy. However, if the interior walls, connectors, joints, and flues are crumbling, cracked, full of soot, or clogged the chimney can be a source of discomfort to the house occupants. In fact, it can even result in a fire. Hence, it is prudent to conduct a chimney inspection to verify that it has no structural defects, it is clean, and that no animal or debris is trapped inside. From a fireplace review, the inspector could recommend chimney cleaning and maintenance services to keep the air flowing freely and the house safe.


Radon Test and Harmful substance Inspections

Just because your new property seems spotless and clean, it does not necessarily mean that it is safe. The property might just as well be harboring harmful substances like Radon gas, Methane gas, Mold, Asbestos and lead. Shockingly, studies estimate that one out of every fifteen homes in the US has elevated radon and mold levels. These substances are health risks and can even cause terminal illnesses like lung cancer. It is, therefore, critical that you inspect and test the Tampa, Fl property. You can obtain a Radon Test Kit or contract a qualified and certified professional to do the testing for you. 

Pool/Spa Inspections