My Promise To You

Choosing a home inspector can be a confusing and hard decision. Especially, since requirements for obtaining a Home Inspector license In Florida are not very stringent. Anyone, even those with no construction background can obtain a license and call themselves a home inspector. In additional to being a licensed home inspector, I am also a Licensed General Contractor with over 20 years’ experience in the construction industry. I will put that experience to work for you to ensure you are making the right buying decision. I love what I do and I really take pride in my work.

With that being said, My promise to you:

My promise to you: I will treat your potential new home as if I was going to buy it for myself. I will give you my very best. I want you to have peace of mind with your new purchase.   My report will be accurate, descriptive, contain photos of defects and will offer recommendations for repairs if requested. I will go over any concerns/defects with you on-site and answer all of your questions. I will be available for questions and/or consultation after the inspection should the need arise. It is very important to me that you fully understand the information that I have provided for you.

My promise to you: Prior to taking possession of my inspection report, if you feel that you did not receive a thorough inspection, just ask and I will give you a refund. On the other hand, if you feel my 20 plus years of experience is going to help you make a good home or investment buying decision, I would ask that you tell your friends and family that may be in the market for a home,  about my company. I do not advertise. I rely on satisfied customers to help me through referrals.