How much should a home inspection cost in the clearwater and St. Petersburg areas?

What you pay for a Florida home inspection will depend on a few different factors.

below I will explain how the cost for a home inspection in the Clearwater and St Petersburg areas are determined.

Home inspection costs are determined by the following factors.

Square footage of the home. The homes size, or square footage, is one of the  biggest factors in determining the home inspection cost.   The bigger the home, the longer it takes to inspect it and this increases the cost.  When the homes size increases, the amenities in the home, such as bathrooms, window and doors, electrical devices etc.. increase.  This requires more time to inspect and therefore can also increase the cost.


Age of the home.

The age of the home can greatly affect the home inspection cost.  A newer home is going to have newer mechanicals, newer roof, newer

home inspections costs for older homes cost more

Older homes will cost more to inspect.

windows and doors and so on and for that reason will take less time to inspect.  Also,   Newer systems and structures are naturally going to have fewer defects than an older home and will consume less time on the inspection thus lowering the cost in comparison to an older home. Older homes, with older mechanicals, structure, roof coverings etc.. Must be inspected much closer than a newer home which takes more time and can increase the cost of the home inspection.

Amenities and features

The cost of a home inspection is also affected by the amenities offered in a home.  Here in the Clearwater / St Petersburg Florida area, there are many homes with swimming pools.    Swimming pools should be inspected prior to purchasing the home.  A swimming pool can easily

Home inspection cost for homes with pools will cost more

Homes with pools will cost more to inspect.

add 30 minutes to the inspection and reporting time it takes to complete the job.  Along with swimming pools, other features such as detached garages,  storage sheds, well pumps, and septic systems all can affect the home inspection cost.

So what does a home inspection cost in Florida?

The cost of a home inspection in Pinellas County and the Clearwater and Saint Petersburg area averages between $250.00 and can go as high as $700.00 or even more for a larger, high end home.  The median price is $442.00.  Check with the inspector to see if the quoted inspection fee covers other reports which may be needed in order to obtain homeowner insurance. Such as, 4 Point and Wind Mitigation reports.  

Some inspection companies will advertise a low inspections fee but will then charge high fees for the other reports you need. Although pricing is important, value can be even more important.  When selecting a home inspector, price should only be one factor to consider and in most cases should not be the number one consideration. 

In a past post, I wrote about the 10 things to look for when in search of the “best home inspector” .  These 10 things along with price, should be considered when hiring a home inspector.  See our price list for the Pinellas, Pasco, and Hillsborough.  See our price list. A Home inspection defined. About the writer: Shawn Dubois has many years in the contracting and home inspection’s business. 

Shawn is licensed and certified in the State of Florida both as a General Contractor and as a Home Inspector.   Shawn owns and operates Advanced Home Inspections of Florida and Complete Home Repair Services.   Contact Shawn.