Florida does not require Construction experience or a Contractors license to become a licensed Home Inspector.  That’s Crazy!  (in my opinion).

Here is something else that’s Crazy!  I don’t charge extra to bring my experience  as a  Certified General Contractor to every inspection

    Without construction experience, most Home Inspectors will not have a good understanding of how a structure is put together.  Most will also not have a full understanding of the “structure” and what problems may be starring them right in the face.   They may be great at documenting surface problems but will not have the construction knowledge needed to identify what could be a serious structural issue.

Why would you take that chance?  most successful Inspectors are the ones who spent much of their life building and or remodeling homes.

Construction experience - house with magnifying glass showing the house framing

This is what a construction professional sees when they look at a house

My Certifications and experience

As a Florida state certified Home Inspector and state certified  General Contractor with 20 plus years in the construction industry, I offer a unique insight into the structures that I inspect. Over the last 20 years, I was helping to build and remodel these homes, and I spent thousands of hours experiencing the construction experience from start to finish.

This kind of in-depth and firsthand experience has trained me to be on the lookout for potential issues that may otherwise be overlooked by less-experienced inspectors. Unfortunately, construction experience is not a requirement.   In the state of Florida for obtaining a Home Inspectors license (Crazy!).

State of Florida Home Inspector licensing requirements

The minimum requirements to obtain a license can be as simple as taking an online course, passing a 1-hour test, and you have met the minimum standards and are licensed.  Without construction experience, it would be easy to overlook a defect that could have been addressed prior to closing and this could potentially cost you thousands.

Dont be a victim!

Don’t fall victim to an inexperienced Home Inspector.  A home is, for most of us, the biggest investment we make in our lifetime. When deciding on which Home Inspector to hire, always ask what construction experience/credentials they have. IT’S THAT IMPORTANT!   Call and schedule your inspection today and allow me to put my 20 plus years of construction experience and General Contractor Certification to work for you.

In a Rush?

In a hurry for your Home Inspection? We provide the fastest scheduling of inspections and report delivery, in the area. You will have your report on the very same day as the inspection.

 Read what Trulia says on the subject.

Even if you don’t hire me for your Home Inspection needs. I still want to help you find a quality Inspector.  Read my blog post “10 questions to ask to find the best home inspector”.  Call Shawn today to schedule your inspection or to answer any questions you might have.