Is your Home Inspector licensed and insured?

You’re in the market for a new home.  You find what you think is your dream home.  The seller accepts your offer,  you hire a Home Inspector and he gives your new dream home a clean bill of health.    After the closing you find out you cannot get home owners insurance because the electrical wiring, installed in the late 70’s,  is aluminum, considered a fire hazard by the insurance industry.  now your going to spend thousands of dollars to upgrade the wiring, breakers, outlets and switches.  Was your Home Inspector licensed and insured?
These types of situations happen all to often.    There are steps you can take to insure you do not find yourself in a situation like this.   first question to ask is, is your Home Inspector licensed and insured?   You can verify licensing at this link,
Secondly,  ask the  Home Inspector you are planning to hire what construction experience and credentials they have.  Although the state of

Florida does not require construction industry experience in order to obtain a Home Inspector’s license,  in my opinion, it is one of the most important factors to consider when hiring a Home Inspector.   As a Home Inspector with 20 plus years of construction experience, I know that I would not be as effective without that experience.  You can verify construction license certification through the same link i listed above.

Thirdly,  the state of Florida requires all licensed Home Inspectors to carry liability insurance.  This insurance covers damage to property or persons caused by the Home Inspector..  It does not cover defects missed by the Inspector.  As important if not more important to you the buyer is EO insurance (error and omission) insurance.  This insurance helps protect the inspector and buyer in case a costly defect is overlooked.   This insurance is expensive so many Inspectors do not carry it.  This  type of insurance is NOT required by the state of Florida.home inspector insured

Why hire us as your Home Inspector?

At Advanced Home Inspections of Florida we have 20 plus years in the construction industry remodeling and building homes.  We are state licensed Home Inspectors  (HI8688) and have earned the highest  construction license available, Certified General Contractor (CGC1522861) .  We are fully insured with both liability and EO insurance. Verify my license here.
If you are in need of a home inspection in Pinellas , Pasco or Hillsborough counties,   please contact us today.  (727)417-4432 . I will inspect your prospective dream home like I was going to buy it my self.