Why you should be skeptical of the sites that list The 10 Best Home Inspectors.

10 best home inspectors!  Really? How did they get on that “10 best” list?  Who picked them out of the hundreds or thousands of others?  In most cases, no one has evaluated their work. Furthermore,  it’s not even decided by positive reviews or the most reviews.   The dirty little secret is,  They pay to be called one of the 10 best.

When you come across a “10 Best home inspector” site such as Home Advisor, Yelp,  Angie’s List, Thumbtack, etc., keep in mind that the so-called 10 best are paying these sites for leads.  These sites do not evaluate the inspector’s skills. Instead, they list them as 10 best So that the inspector will continue to pay for leads.

In addition,  When you do an internet search for home inspectors or almost any service provider search,  Google or Bing present the inspectors that are paying Google or Bing to have their site listed at the top of the first page. In other words, the worst home inspectors can have their company’s information listed first when you do an internet search because they are paying to have the search engines list them first.

If you scroll down past sites that pay to be listed first, you will see a list of home inspectors that earned their place on Google or Bing.